Nexcore Works on corporate governance ahead of potential stake sale, CEO says

Nexcore Works on corporate governance ahead of potential stake sale, CEO says
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Nexcore, a Brazilian provider of software solutions for omnichannel communication, Works to improve its corporate governance ahead of plans to sell a stake in 2021, CEO Ricardo Zanlorenzi said.

The Curitiba, Parana-based company has been working with na undisclosed local business consultancy firm since mid-2019 ti iverhaul corporate governance and increase operational efficiency, Zanlorenzi said.

More recently, it hired local financial advisory firm Vallup Consultoria to determine its current and projected valuation for 2021, the executive noted, without offering specific figures.

Nexcore could sell a partial stake to na external investor to fund growth and training of its tech staff, the CEO noted, adding that retaining new talents representes the biggest challenge for the company. In fact, Nexcore has struggled to fill a software developer vacancy for the past two years, he noted.

Bidders of interest would include investiment funds and strategic investors that use omnichannel software solutions to comunicate with their clients. To avoid conflicts of interest, Nexcore rules out inking a deal with players in the contract center industry, Zanlorenzi pointed.

Nexcore booked 2019 revenues of BRL 9m (USD 2,1m), a 27% YOY growth, the CEO said. It projects a turnover uptick of between 27% and 30% for 2020, he added.

The growth will be partly driven by Nexus, the omnichannel software solution it launched last year that integrates voice, SMS ande mail, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, and social media sites, like Facebook, into a single platform, Zanlorenzi said.

The company also plans to lauch a mobile version of its omnichannel communication platform later this year to enable its corporate clientes to ditch fixed telephony, bringing down phone costs, the CEO noted.

In order to keep up with its rapid growth, Nexcore plans to move to a new headquarters by October. The new space, which will also be based in Curitiba, will allow it to expand its staff from 53 to up to 80 people by the endo f the year, Zanlorenzi said.

Nexcore serves more than 220 clients in various sectors, including food delivery platform Ifood, eye-care chain Grupo Opty, and energy company Copel, he noted.


by Thiago Barrozo in Sao Paulo

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